Monday, August 25, 2008

A Spin off Idea, son of the LLC Team Summit

We are back from the LLC Team Summit. Our blogging has been a little behind schedule. We're going to try to get caught up. Life's been a little complicated. That said, we have to agree with the X Prize Foundation that the event was definitely a success, even if we would have worded it a bit different. There were some brilliant people there and we found their designs absolutely fascinating. There were things we never thought of. One team, a new one under wraps still, really impressed us. We hope that the team makes it to the launch pad this year.

We, ourselves, are rushing as fast as we can to get our ducks in a row. It's going to be a harrowing journey, no matter what, but we came away with something from the summit that really needs to be brought to a larger audience. Perhaps our blog might be a vehicle (ha! we kill ourselves...errrmmm...bad choice of words) to see if that idea might gain soem traction. We have already bounced this off our FAA contact and we'll see if it gets anywhere.

That idea is what we light heartedly calling the "So You Want to Build a Rocket" conference. The suggestion that we made was that the the FAA would present the requirements for their paperwork and the reasoning behind that paperwork. We think that this should be the the opening conference for the next Lunar Lander Challenge, a required conference, that would preceed registration as to give teams an idea of what they are getting into and why.

This would greatly improve what the teams for the LLC - or any other group that wants to build rockets without much prior experience - generate and reduce the time that the FAA would need to hand hold each and every group that comes to them. It would also help the X Prize Foundation as well.

Just a thought.

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