Monday, September 22, 2008


Holloman AFB has some testing that has trumped the LLC this year. That means either a delay at the site or a change of venue (and probably another, longer delay).

There is a lot in play at the moment and we await seeing what happens. For our team, due to some manufacturing oopses, this actually plays well. A month will help. If its longer, as seems likely to us based on the info as we know it now, it will help us even more.

We had our suspicions something was up based on the interactions we had with Holloman (or at times, lack there-of). Something seemed off after the interested reception we received at the LLC Team Summit. This definitely explains it.

We'll wait and see. The X Prize Foundation has been pretty forth coming as to the status of this. We'll know more as they know more. The official XPF release is over on their blog, The Launch Pad.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Very Belated Update

We apologize for being so out of touch with those following our progress. There have been developments in our personal lives, especially for the team leader, that have taken us away from being everywhere all the time. The blogging for the team fell behind. We apologize. We're back!

Team Phoenicia has been taking deliveries of the parts for our rocket, The Wind at Dawn. One of the ones that came in that is more photogenic is the thrust chamber for our rocket. The thrust chamber that is pictured is a prototype. Therefore, don't assume that its the final product that will be flying, hopefully, in the October competition.

Without further goofiness, let us introduce our protypical thrust chamber from the days of its clean state: