Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Tank Yous

Wordle: Team Phoenicia Tank Yous

Should We Stay or Should We Go Now?

Should we go?

Or no?

The funny part is that Team Phoenicia is not interested in the suborbital market. As odd as it may seem, we're not even that interested in pursuing the cheap access to orbit problem: it's hard and we have enough of a learning curve to deal with as it is. It'd be ten years at the rate we are going before we are able to make a stab at it, truthfully.

So what are we interested in doing? Beyond participating in the competitions?

We'll confess later.

However, for those that participate in the above, thoughts?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Second Artful Offer

Zachary Miller, a semi pro paleo artist, has like Scott Elyard made an offer for those that contribute. For those that give more than $100 dollars, Zach is willing to render works of a nondigital form. Here is what he said:

Good old Scott Elyard has pledged to do a piece of original art for anybody who donates $200 or more to [Team Phoenicia]. Good for him, but I'll do one better. You donate a mere $100 (who doesn't have a spare $100?), and I will draw you a dinosaur of your choosing on bristolboard, inked and everything, signed, dated, the whole shebang. And it doesn't even have to a dinosaur. It can be a non-dinosaurian archosaur if you want. Hell, there are certain mammals I will consider.
His cost is lower, but his focus is more specific. His offer is from his blog.

If you donate, please drop a note to contact at team phoenicia dooot org denoting which artist you wish to have do your work. We'll coordinate from there.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An Artful Lift-off: A Offer of Help

Team Phoenicia is pleased that we have been getting help and support of people making donations and buying ad space. We appreciate it deeply and we are getting some, but we have a long, long ways to go and not much time.

Scott Elyard has been a supporter of Team Phoenicia for some time. All of you know him from his renderings of the simulated flight of The Wind at Dawn and the IIP that we have up on youtube. While not only a very good at renderings, he's also quite talented at old fashioned art, pen and paper. He approached the team with a generous offer:

I will provide, for these three donors, color pen-and-ink originals or my art of a subject of the recipient's choosing. Work will be on high-gloss paper 8.5"x11", done with RapidoGraph® pen and watercolor or non-cloogging inks, and I will assume the shipping costs. These commissions will be done by no later than the end of this November, 2009.

Team Phoenicia must be paid directly the $200 or more by the 14th of September for this offer to be valid. We'll arrange the details after the payment is cleared.
From here.

Examples of his work can be found on Coherent Lighthouse.

We may be able to get him to do some animations for you. However, that will have to be negotiated and it won't be cheap. Trust us. We know. However, having the graphics has helped us at Team Phoenicia with getting sponsors immensely. For those of you starting businesses, trust us, a snazzy presentation makes a world of difference. We'll see if we can torture Scott a bit. He's tentatively agreed. We're sorting out details.