Saturday, October 25, 2008

NG LLC News Day Two

It seems that Armadillo took the Level One competition first place purse. Congratulations to them. They have been working on rockets for nearly a decade and it is great news that they are getting this recognition.

That said, they were unable to complete the Level Two flight. They have been having valve issues and the uber complication that has arisen due to the tethered flight rules change by the FAA were unable to trace down the problem. Their rocket took damage and you can see an image of the damage to the nozzle here. Better luck next time.

Since Level Two was what we were planning on participating in, they better expect some competition next time.

We'll get posts up with more information as we are ready. We should be starting the ground fires shortly.

Good luck to the next year's teams and commiseration to TruZer0: you guys were a lot of fun to talk to at Holloman. We'll get caught up soon. At least you have FAA clearance to do free flights. NOW you can do what you need to debug the flying.

Friday, October 24, 2008


If you are not watching the webcast of the Lunar Lander Challenge, you should be!

It's an exciting, if disappointing morning for the teams. We came in late because of unrelated issues, but made it just in time for TrueZer0's flight....which didn't end well, unfortunately. The vehicle had a stability problem - it seems - and crashed. There was a small peroxide fire. I am curious as to the status of the vehicle: was it totalled? I'd guess yes, but...

Apparently Armadillo made one leg of the flight this morning, but not the second. They are set to try again this afternoon at 3 pm mountain, if we understood correctly.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best of Luck!

We at Team Phoenicia have been a little silent. We have had some serious manufacturing issues with our parts and as a consequence a funding issue as well. However, we're highly likely, almost guaranteed actually, to be out there flying next year. We will be continuing the team's quest for the X Prizes without pause, at least until someone takes the purses.

That said, we do wish Armadillo and TrueZer0 the best of luck tomorrow and on Saturday. We're not in LC do to other scheduling issues. Even our LC based folks are unable to make it, which is just a shame. Good luck, guys.

DON'T break a lander leg.

We'll be posting more soon. Promise. We have some exciting videos to share shortly.

PS: Guys, hit up La Posta while you're there.