Thursday, October 23, 2008

Best of Luck!

We at Team Phoenicia have been a little silent. We have had some serious manufacturing issues with our parts and as a consequence a funding issue as well. However, we're highly likely, almost guaranteed actually, to be out there flying next year. We will be continuing the team's quest for the X Prizes without pause, at least until someone takes the purses.

That said, we do wish Armadillo and TrueZer0 the best of luck tomorrow and on Saturday. We're not in LC do to other scheduling issues. Even our LC based folks are unable to make it, which is just a shame. Good luck, guys.

DON'T break a lander leg.

We'll be posting more soon. Promise. We have some exciting videos to share shortly.

PS: Guys, hit up La Posta while you're there.

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