Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Second Artful Offer

Zachary Miller, a semi pro paleo artist, has like Scott Elyard made an offer for those that contribute. For those that give more than $100 dollars, Zach is willing to render works of a nondigital form. Here is what he said:

Good old Scott Elyard has pledged to do a piece of original art for anybody who donates $200 or more to [Team Phoenicia]. Good for him, but I'll do one better. You donate a mere $100 (who doesn't have a spare $100?), and I will draw you a dinosaur of your choosing on bristolboard, inked and everything, signed, dated, the whole shebang. And it doesn't even have to a dinosaur. It can be a non-dinosaurian archosaur if you want. Hell, there are certain mammals I will consider.
His cost is lower, but his focus is more specific. His offer is from his blog.

If you donate, please drop a note to contact at team phoenicia dooot org denoting which artist you wish to have do your work. We'll coordinate from there.

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