Friday, August 8, 2008

A Bit of Progress and Some Quick Thank You's

Our post today is going to be a little bit short and not as interesting. The team is working on coding up the last of the data acquisition that is needed for The Wind at Dawn and finishing out the paperwork for the FAA. We need to write up a quick report for the X Prize Foundation and get that to them ASAP too. There's a briefing at Holloman we're prepping for as well. Like we said, get someone on your team for the paperwork alone. Make sure they like it!

The actual fun part of our entry happens in a couple weeks.

Now we'd like to have a quick moment to do some thank yous to those that have donated to the team. We already have mentioned our main sponsors already. However, we've had several people outright donate money without so much as a thank you. We're rectifying that now. A big thank you goes out to:

1. Amanda Northrop
2. Ola Nordhus
3. Marilee Layman
4. Carlos Yu
5. Micheal Hellwig
6. Julia Heathcote (and her Ethical Husband)
7. Suzanne & Greg Lee

More to come!

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