Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Sponsor: Algo-Logic

Team Phoenicia is proud to announce that Algo-Logic will be joining as a sponsor for the team's pursuit of the Google Lunar X Prize. Algo-Logic will be helping by providing the data aquisition and sensor processing systems for Team Phoenicia's future test stands, rockets and rovers.

Algo-Logic was founded by a professor and PhD researchers from Stanford University and Washington University. The Algo-Logic ® team has extensive experience building routers, data center switches, and network processing circuits in ASICs and FPGA logic. Algo-Logic specializes in mapping network algorithms into hardware logic.

The founders of Algo-Logic are experts in developing, documenting, and prototyping logic and systems of reprogrammable networks. Past work is documented in over 100 articles in top journals and technical conference proceedings.

Team Phoenicia is a Google Lunar X Prize team that was launched in 2007. The team worked diligently and became an official GLXP team in February 2011. Team Phoenicia is working towards an August 2014 lunar landing date at the lunar South Pole.

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