Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Sponsor: Hexcel

Team Phoenicia has been working on composites for over a year now. We have already produced one very strong, new composite, Cryocarb(tm) that is both cryogenic and corrosive compatible. We are now working on other composites as well for other aspects than tanks that we could use for our GLXP mission and spinout in turn.

Hexcel has stepped up to help us by becoming a sponsor of Team Phoenicia's GLXP efforts. We will be using their new and extremely strong fiber for working on greatly improving our strength of both Cryocarb(tm) and our new structural and other composites.

We are extremely excited to have Hexcel join our backers in our quest to land at the lunar south pole and capture the GLXP first place. We look forward to working with them throughout the challenge.

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