Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Team Phoenicia/Techshop Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar: Gathering Questions

The seminar seems to be filling up and we are now at 35 seats left if everyone shows up that has made commitments. If you are traveling to Techshop for the seminar, it is a very strong suggestion that you get a reservation. Even if you are local, it may be in your best interests to reserve a seat if you are set on participating. Reservation link is below:

Reservations link:

The FAA-AST has asked Team Phoenicia to gather questions that the community would like answered for their part of the challenge. It ought to be remembered that the rules of the challenge are not their purview. Licensing, permits, and safety of the rockets are their area of responsibility.

That said, we are willing to take questions for NASA as well so that those that cannot make it and need rules clarification can at least get the questions to the those that are going to be presenting.

So, to that end, we are asking that the community send us questions that they need answered to For the FAA and NASA to have any chance that we will be able to answer, we need these questions no later than Thursday noon pacific time. We will, of course, funnel in those that are late, but NASA and the FAA may not get to them.

Thank you.

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