Monday, November 1, 2010

Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar: Agenda Change (11/1/10)

NASA has informed Team Phoenicia that they have not yet selected an allied organization. Instead, NASA will be presenting the draft rules and asking for feedback. Note: the presentation of the draft rules and feedback time has been extended considerably to a full hour.

Agenda (updated 11/1/10):

1:00 PM: William Baird, Team Phoenicia, Introduction and Welcome

1:15 PM: Andrew Petro, NASA Centennial Challenge Program, Scope and Hopes for the Centennial Challenges

1:45 PM: Dr Andrew Kalman, Stanford University's Space and Systems Development Laboratory, The Potential of an Affordable, Responsive Nanosat Launcher

2:15 PM: NASA Centennial Challenge Program, Draft Nanosat Launcher Challenge Rules

3:15 PM: BREAK. Tours of Techshop Available

3:30 PM: William Baird, Team Phoenicia, How Team Phoenicia Can and Is Helping Nanosat Launcher Teams

3:50 PM: Invited. Waiting to Hear. Topic: Funding Nanosat Launcher Challenge Teams.

4:10 PM: BREAK, Tours of Techshop Available

4:20 PM: Aaron Prescott, SpacePort America, How SPA can help the Nanosat Launcher Challenge Teams

4:40 PM: Paul Breed, Friends of Amateur Rocketry, What FAR is and what it can do for the NLC teams

5:00 PM: Sherman Council, et al, Federal Aviation Administration: rules and requirements

6:00 PM: Nanosat Challenge Teams Panel/Micro Presentations (currently Vog Rockets, Seraphim Aerospace, possibly a mystery team)

6:30 PM: William Baird, Team Phoenicia, Closing Remarks

6:40 PM: Networking Session, official wrap at 8 PM.

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