Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Wonderful.

UPDATED on 11/1/10: Update and refreshed agenda. Please see there for more recent information.

Team Phoenicia and TechShop are proud to announce that on November 6th, 2010 at TechShop - Menlo Park at 1 PM will host the Nanosatellite Launcher Challenge Seminar.

The agenda is firming up, but organizations that will be presenting are NASA Centennial Challenge Program, the To Be Announced allied organization running the challenge, FAA, California Space Authority, New Mexico Spaceport Authority, Team Phoenicia and some of the SF Bay Area teams.

The draft rules for the Challenge are planned to be presented and feedback is expected.

The scope of this seminar is to be promotion of the challenge in the the SF Bay Area, how the different organizations including Team Phoenicia can help teams, and a working session

The seminar is open to the public.

Draft Agenda:

1:00 PM: William Baird, Team Phoenicia, Introduction and Welcome

1:15 PM: Andrew Petro, NASA Centennial Challenge Program, Scope and Hopes for the Centennial Challenges

1:45 PM: Keynote Speaker (TBD)

2:15 PM: Allied Organization - Draft Rules

2:45 PM: BREAK. Tours of Techshop Available

3:00 PM: William Baird, Team Phoenicia, How Team Phoenicia Can and Is Helping Nanosat Launcher Teams

3:20 PM: Nick Pelster, California Space Authority, How the CSA can help the Nanosat Launcher Teams

3:40 PM: Dr William Gutman, SpacePort America, How SPA can help the Nanosat Launcher Challenge teams

4:00 PM: Paul Breed, Friends of Amateur Rocketry, What FAR is and what it can do for the NLC

4:20 PM: BREAK, Tours of Techshop Available

4:45 PM: Sherman Council, et al, Federal Aviation Administration: rules and requirements

5:45 PM: Nanosat Challenge Teams Panel/Micro Presentations (currently Vog Rockets, possibly the mystery team and more)

6:15 PM: Networking Session, official wrap at 8 PM.

Agenda subject to change.

Questions can be directed to

Quick update (10/20/10):

Reservations are now open:

Note: while walk ups are free, reservations are not.

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