Wednesday, September 21, 2011

An Appearance at Space Exploration: Not Just for Billionaires Anymore

Team Phoenicia was delighted to participate in the MIT/Stanford Venture Lab Seminar entitled "Space Exploration: Not Just for Billionaires Anymore." Two team members, Anand Karasi and Mel Olivares, participated in the networking session of the seminar. They were hosted at the Silicon Valley Space Center booth and displayed a Z150 rocket engine with injector plate and manifold, a Z550 thrust chamber, a pair of unwelded 6 in (15 cm) milled pressure vessel hemispheres, and a spun 18 in (45 cm) spun aluminum propellant tank.

Anand and Mel reported back that things went exceedingly well and we made a number of new contacts. They stated that a lot of people were very impressed by the manufacturing that the team has done.

We look forward to participating in many more events in the local area promoting NewSpace.

We want to thank Dr Sean Casey for the invitation and being willing to give us display space.

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