Monday, August 8, 2011

What and Where 4: Announcing the Shipyard

Team Phoenicia is proud to announce that we have moved into our new facility. We are the sole occupants of a 31,000 sq ft facility in Menlo Park, CA. The facility is divided roughly in thirds for office, manufacturing and warehouse space.

The facility, which we have affectionately nicknamed 'The Shipyard,' will allow the team to manufacture several scales of rockets, host seminars and fundraisers, and consolidate our efforts. We are extremely excited about this opportunity and hope to allow our first tours some time in September.

We are planning on hosting a nanosat launcher challenge seminar again, but this time in the new facility on or around Nov 12. A formal announcement will be made later this week.

(yes, the logos were photoshopped on. We'll be putting up our RL logos some time in the near future)

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